FAQs. General Information

My items arrived dead or damaged

The standard guarantee on all animals shipped is to replace 100% of any D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival). The shipping price is non-refundable or guaranteed in any way. Proof of D.O.A. is required within 1 hour of delivery in the form of a clear picture or video, in the unopened bag.

Delay in the delivery of the package, beyond our control, caused by but not limited to weather, holiday, delays by the Carrier(USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc) are not be covered by our D.O.A.

Failing to pick up or sign on the first delivery attempt, the buyer relinquishes the guarantee. Guarantee is not continuous, replacements can only be sent once. Canceled orders before shipping can choose different in-stock items or an account credit toward your next purchase. Theft, damage, destruction, confiscation or other problems beyond our control are not guaranteed.

Policy for preordered shrimp?

Preordered shrimp do not include a DOA policy like our own shrimp. Preorders are essentially transhipped orders directly from our supplier, but without the headache of paperwork and dealing with customs.

Aquarium ordering and shipping

To ensure your aquarium is everything you expect, we request that you follow a few specific procedures when it arrives. We rarely have any damage to our orders, but occasionally some damage may occur.

Inspect the packaging before you sign for the delivery. The delivery driver may insist on your signature first, but you have the right to inspect the package.

You must inspect each package carefully and if there is any damage to any of the packaging, email help@aquariumcreation.com immediately. Take photos of the damage, box, aquarium, etc and send those along with your email.

Do not sign for the shipment until you have talked to an Aquarium Creation member. He or She will determine the best course of action to ensure your satisfaction. Again, please inspect each package regardless of anything the delivery driver may say to you.

Do not have someone else accept the shipment unless they are familiar with these procedures and what the aquarium will look like. IF A NEIGHBOR, RELATIVE, OR EMPLOYEE SIGNS FOR THE SHIPMENT AS BEING IN GOOD SHAPE, YOU LOSE THE SAME RIGHTS AS IF YOU HAD SIGNED FOR IT YOURSELF.

Hopefully, your merchandise will never be damaged. Aquarium Creation does everything possible to guarantee safe delivery of your aquarium. You can assure satisfaction by following these simple guidelines. If you have any questions regarding these procedures, please email us at help@aquariumcreation.com for more information.

Do you ship to Hawaii, Alaska and Internationally?

We ship to Hawaii and Alaska often, but our DOA does not extend to these States. We can also ship Internationally but can only ship dry goods. Please message us if you have any questions.

Free shipping promotion

The FREE shipping promotion applies to all goods EXCLUDING international shipping, aquariums, aquarium stands, C02 tanks, sumps, shrimp(unless stated otherwise). Please message us if you have any questions.

How will the item look?

While we strive to take the most accurate images of what your plant or shrimp will look like, please keep in mind no two items will look the same. Each one is unique and will look similar, but may not be the exact one pictured. If you have any questions please feel free to email us.

Is Expedited shipping available?

Expedited shipping is available, but it refers to shipping delivery time from the shipping carrier and not related to handling time. Handling time will vary on the type of items you order(please see shipping). We typically ship all orders next day after ordering, however, if you need speedier shipping, please email or message us to speak to one our team members.

What type of shipping is available?

We offer First Class, Priority and Expedited shipping. First Class shipping is available for smaller items and nonperishable items. Priority shipping is typically used for plants and animals.

When do you ship?

Our shipping schedule depends on the content of your order. If your order only has dry goods, we will ship Monday - Friday. Live items like plants, shrimp, fish, live food, etc are typically shipped Monday - Wednesday. Please see our chart below for more information.

Where do you ship?

We ship to all 48 contiguous states in the United States.

How do I request an exchange?

If you would like to exchange an item, you will be responsible for shipping the item back and we will send you the desired exchange upon receiving the returned item. Buyer will be responsible for exchange order shipping cost.

How do I request a refund?

In the unlikely event that you are not happy with your purchase, please contact us within 48 hours. Items being returned must be in mint condition , in original packaging, and cannot be sale items. Hard goods can be returned up to 14 days after receipt of purchase. We will assess any damage and each return will be handled on a case by case basis. Shipping charges will not be refunded.

Can you help me setup a shrimp tank?

Absolutely! Please send us an email to contactus@aquariumcreation.com with the information that is outlined below and we'll gladly send you over a few ideas for you.

Shrimp tank

Do you have a tank already? If so, what size is it and can you send us a picture?

If you don't have a tank, what kind of tank do you have in mind?

Where are you thinking of adding your tank? Hallway, office, bedroom, kitchen?

Have you kept shrimp before? If you have, what kind?

What kind of shrimp do you have in mind?

Do you have access to RO/DI water?

Will you do you maintenance on the tank or will you need us to do maintenance on it?

Any additional information you think is helpful.

Do you have any promotions or coupons?

We have promotions at random such as giveaways and temporary discount codes from time to time. To be in the know, all the latest and greatest news will be on our newsletter and social media pages. Click the links below to view, like, comment and follow us!

Do you offer wholesale?

We love partnering with businesses that want to expand their shrimp lineup. Please use the question form to send your inquiry and we will respond within 1 - 2 business days.

Do you support educational institutions and programs?

Absolutely! We strongly believe in education and the value it adds at all ages. Please use the question form to send your inquiry. We look forward to working together in hopes of growing minds and sparking ideas!

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