Shrimp Series - Blue Bolt
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Shrimp Series - Blue Bolt



First up in our Shrimp Series is the Blue Bolt.


The Blue Bolt comes in various blue shades, from Extreme to hardly any blue. Not only do they vary in color, but maintaining that deep blue is often difficult. Genetics and their current aquarium water parameters play a huge role in keeping that deep blue.

When shopping around for Blue Bolts, ask for a colony picture if possible (in high end shrimp this is important) so that you can see how the blue looks across multiple Blue Bolts.

Remember that once you have your new Blue Bolts, stability and a mature aquarium go a long way in making them happy and keeping that color stable.

Make sure to keep an eye out on our future Shrimp Series posts where we share tips about various shrimp species and products....only facts from years of experience and from speaking to some of the biggest shrimp breeders in the world! 😁🌿

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