Pssst! Do you have Hydra or Planaria? It's ok, we have a solution!
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Pssst! Do you have Hydra or Planaria? It's ok, we have a solution!

Hydra and Planaria are some of the most common bugs in a shrimp tank.

You might be wondering why is it common and why is it bad?? 

Typically shrimp tanks are species only and we don't add fish. Without any fish eating all these bugs, hydra and planaria can flourish because shrimp don't attack them, shrimp like to hang out and sift through the soil and graze all day.

Hydra and Planaria have also been known to attack weak shrimp or baby shrimp. In severe cases, hydra and planaria have stopped shrimp from breeding and wiping out tanks.

How can you prevent hydra and planaria from popping up?

Quarantine new plants, hardscape, and even new shrimp. Never add the water your plants or shrimp came in. Over feeding can also result in these little critters popping up. Sharing tools between tanks like nets, tweezers, or dipping hands in one tank and into another one are some ways of spreading these critters.

 I already have them, it's too late, now what?!

Good news! If you can catch the problem early you can completely wipe them out with SL Aqua Z1! If you already have them you may need additional Z1 doses, but within 2 weeks your tank should be clean.

We recommend SL Aqua Z1 because it's the only product around that is harmless to shrimp. It is made from plant extracts, rather than harmful chemicals, and it usually wipes out planaria and hydra within 24 hours.


2 thoughts on “Pssst! Do you have Hydra or Planaria? It's ok, we have a solution!

  1. avatar Brittany Watts says:

    I am also wondering about how it will effect the snails, can you let us know if it’s safe for snails. I LOVE my snails but the planaria is annoying indeed! And hydra, get them out!!

  2. avatar Christy Collacott says:

    Hi. Is it safe for snails? I am concerned about a possible Ammonia spike if tons of baby snails die along with the hydra and planaria. It’s just not possible to remove even the bulk of them.


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