CRS, PRL, Whaaaat!
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CRS, PRL, Whaaaat!

I am sure you have seen or heard the abbreviations used for the Crystal Red shrimp, but there is still one group that has many scratching their head - the PRL, aka Pure Red Line. So what's the big deal then?

In short, a Pure Red Line shrimp is a highly selectively bred Crystal Red shrimp that will never produce a Golden Bee offspring and will never produce different colors other than red and white.


Golden Bee


The Crystal Red shrimp on the other hand may produce Golden Bee offspring, or even throw out some mixed colors.

You might be wondering why this matters at all. When it comes to selectively breeding or "high end" shrimp keeping, knowing the type of genes your shrimp have is very important. It allows you to predict what your offspring will look like.

Other key differences in Pure Red Line shrimp include:

  • Solid red legs
  • Vibrant Reds
  • Vibrant Whites
  • Colored swimming legs(Pleopods)
  • Thick shell


Here is a Pure Red Line Shrimp example. Notice the vibrant colors and thick shell.



Our personal PRL Shrimp

A Crystal Red Shrimp. Notice the color throughout the body.



As you can see the Crystal Red and Pure Red Line Shrimp look very similar. It's in the details that make the difference.

When looking for a Pure Red Line shrimp make sure you see actual pictures of the shrimp you are buying. Check for splotchy reds and whites - those are a big no and a sign of bad genes.

Once you have your set of Pure Red Line Shrimp they are as easy as Crystal Reds and a joy to watch.