If you’re hell-bent on having the newest, rarest, most stunning shrimp in your aquarium, or you’re just a huge fan of ultra rare shrimp, you should know about the Blue Steel shrimp. One of our brand new, and more challenging crossbreeds, the Blue Steel shrimp is a cross between Tangerines and Blue Bolts. They look similar to Blue Bolts, only less blue, and more…steel. Specifically, their body is mostly white, but the body and head have a shine that look like exactly what you would think, based on the name.


The little shrimplets have a really unique metallic appearance under the right light, with a dark blue head that has specks that make it seem to shimmer even more. They look like they’re from outer space.


The beauty of this breed—aside from their literal beauty—is that they require the same parameters as other shrimp like the Crystal Red, so you can just throw‘em in with the rest(we still recommend to drip acclimate them).


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