Blue Dream Neocaridina
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Blue Dream, Blue Velvet and Blue Jelly Neocaridina Differences

There is a lot of confusion around the Blue Neocaridina shrimp name, what they breed out like, their lineage, what happens when you mix name it, the mixed information leads to a lot of confusion around Blue Dream, Blue Velvet, and Blue Jelly shrimp.

Breakdown of Blue Dreams and Blue Velvets/Blue Jelly

- Blue Dream Neocaridina are dark blue and originally came from Carbon Rili Neocaridina shrimp and bred out from there for a darker color.

- A True Blue Dream Neocaridina line will never produce red variations.

- Blue Dream that produce red are not true Blue Dream and are Blue Jelly/Blue Velvet.

- Blue Jelly/Blue Velvet originated from Red Rili Neocaridina. Offspring will result in some mixed lighter blue's and red lines in some shrimp.


Blue velvet neocaridina

Blue Velvet Neocaridina 

Some things to consider when buying blue Neocaridina

- Names for blue Neocaridina all over the world can be subjective so it is recommended to see a colony and offspring picture.

- The top 3 names for blue Neocaridina are Blue Dreams, Blue Velvets and Blue Jelly. Any other name is for marketing or some sort of variation of Blue Dream and Blue Velvet/Blue Jelly.

- Blue Velvet and Blue Jelly are the same in the USA meaning they both come from Red Rili. The name Blue Jelly is a common name used outside the USA. 

- Blue Velvets outside the USA are often the same as Blue Dreams.

- Blue Dreams can be kept with Carbon Rili and they will still produce Blue Dream, Carbon and Blue Rili patterns/colors. 

- Mixing Blue Dreams and Blue Velvets/Blue Jelly will result in wild colors down the road because of the Red Rili color mixed in.

Blue jelly neocaridina

Blue Jelly Neocaridina

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