Getting new shrimp is exciting and can be overwhelming at the same time. To ensure your shrimp have the best odds of living when you first get them, drip acclimating is recommended. What that entails is slowly introducing your shrimp to your tank water over a period of time. This can be done by manually adding water with a cup or using airline tube used for sponge filters.

 Drip Acclimation Tools:

  1. Small tupperware bowl or something similar
  2. Plastic cup or aquarium airline hose
  3. Scissors
  4. Chop stick,  plastic straw or spoon
  5. Shrimp net
  6. Airline tube(if you decide to use this method)


Removing Shrimp from the Bag:

If you received your shrimp in a breather bag you'll want to place the bag directly inside the tupperware. Make sure to not pour the shrimp out because they may get stuck inside the bag. 

  1. With your scissors, cut the side of the bag, starting from the top. This will let the water pour out the bag and the bag will remain inside the bowl with the shrimp.
  2. Now that the bag is partially cut, try to move the shrimp out of the bag using a plastic straw. Make sure to inspect the bag for any shrimp before removing it completely from the tupperware.
  3. Your tupperware and shrimp should now be inside the tupperware where they are free to swim around.



Acclimating with Tank Water:

Using a cup to acclimate

  1. Take a cup to add tank water into the tupperware. You will need to add with your cup about a quarter of the tank water every 15 or 20 minutes over a 1 hour period. This will slowly increase the amount of water in the bowl and bring the water parameters closer to your tank parameters.
  2. Make sure to not pour in the tank water. It needs to be slow and over time the tupperware water should triple in amount.
  3. When the water in the bowl is mostly your tank water, your shrimps will be adjusted to the new water parameters.
  4. You can now net the shrimp out and add them to your aquarium.


Using airline tubing to acclimate:

  1. Using the airline tubing method is similar to the cup method above. Instead of pouring water in, you simply siphon water into the tupperware. On the tupperware side, tie the airline tube so the tank water is trickling at least 1 drop per second.
  2. Once the water in the tupperware is mainly tank water you can safely introduce your shrimp to your tank.


Over the next hours keep on eye on the new shrimp to make sure they are adjusting and swimming freely.

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