1st International Shrimp Competition USA 2016
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1st International Shrimp Competition USA 2016

The very first Shrimp competition will be held in Chicago, IL November 4-6. This is really exciting because the freshwater shrimp hobby is getting more exposure in the U.S., for people to learn more about this amazing hobby of shrimp keeping in aquariums.


The official Competition Categories have also been released and include:

The competition will follow the guidelines from the Hannover Event that was held earlier this year. This is all I have for now. Here are the categories:

Category 1
Neocaridina davidi, red and orange variants like Red Fire/Red Cherry and Sakura
Category 2
Neocaridina davidi, other colours such as Yellow Fire, brown, black, blue
Category 3
Caridina mariae, Tiger Shrimp all colours
Category 4
Caridina logemanni, Super Crystal Red and Super Crystal
Category 5
Caridina logemanni, Red Bee and Black Bee, all grades
Category 6
Blue Bolt, Red Bolt, Snow-white, Bee-influenced Shadow with parts of blue
Category 7
Classic Shadows, like full, lined, saddled, banded resp. Wine Red, Red Ruby, Panda, King Kong, Extreme Ruby and Extreme King Kong
Category 8
Tiger-Bee-influenced Shadow pattern variants that have their origins in Tiger shrimp, Tiger Bees (TiBee) and/or Taiwan shrimp (Shadow Bee) (multistriped, Zebra, Spotted Head, Pinto)
Category 9
Bee-influenced Shadows that match the Bee standard with regard to pattern (i.e. Mosura, Hinomaru, etc.)
Category 10
Crosses and new colour variants of Bee shrimp, Tiger shrimp as well as new colour variants from the Shadow Bee family (e.g. Hulk, Skunk)



We'll update this post as we get information. For we'll see you all at Chicago soon!